Cool Barns 12″ Stall Fans

The 12″ Cool Barn Stall Fan is the safest and most popular Stall Fan available!

Reduce heat stress and improve air quality with Cool Barns uniquely designed circulation fans. Unrivaled in the market, these fans are engineered to produce greater air movement and superior cooling no matter the application. You don’t hear them. You don’t see them. You only feel them!

The Cool Barns 12″ Stall Fan is a variable speed* (*when used with speed controls) equine air circulation system which is used for year round ventilation in many barns including aisles and stalls, as well as naturally ventilated facilities.  Also known as Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans, these fans move air in a coherent horizontal pattern creating a gentle ‘racetrack’ air flow pattern.

This fan is also available in 8″ To 24″ Stall Fans.

Stall Fan Features & Benefits

  • Deep gua12" Cool Barns Stall Fanrd design for unmatched performance, low noise levels and safety without sacrificing airflow
  • Matched high quality motors and blades for maximum efficiency
  • Powder coated steel guards for increased durability and corrosion resistance
  • Hot dipped galvanized guards for even greater rust protection
  • Powder coated steel mounting bracket and power cord included
  • Wide variety of mounting options available for flexible and easy installation
  • Variable speed controls available
  • Misting kits available for even greater cooling
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA